Launch Locations

  • Fenwick Marina - Oak Harbor

    Fenwick Marina is located right off Route 2 in Oak Harbor, Ohio. It is our home port. We fish most of our trips from this launch location.

    Fenwick Marina - Google Maps 
  • Beef Creek Marina - Oak Harbor

    Beef Creek Marina is located in Oak Harbor, Ohio. We occasionally launch out of Beef Creek Marina. Right off Route 2, just down the road from the famous Porky's Restaurant.

    Beef Creek Marina - Google Maps 
  • Catawba Island State Park - Port Clinton

    Catawba Island State Park in Port Clinton, Ohio is a launch that we use occasionally during spring and early summer.

    Catawba Island State Park - Google Maps 
  • Dempsey Boat Launch - Marblehead

    The Dempsey boat launch in Marblehead, Ohio is another launch that we occasionally use when our home port is not fishable to do lake conditions.

    Dempsey Boat Launch - Google Maps 
  • Mazurik Boat Launch - Marblehead

    The Mazurik boat launch in Marblehead, Ohio is a popular launch that we occasionally use. It is one of the best launches for direct access to the Lake Erie Islands area.

    Mazurik Boat Launch - Google Maps 
  • Huron City Boat Ramp - Huron

    As summer moves on, the walleye move east to deep water. We occasionally fish out of the Huron ramp when it provides the best opportunity for a successful day on the water.

    Huron City Boat Ramp - Google Maps 

Passenger Waiver and Participation Agreement

All participants must sign the passenger participation waiver before spending a day on the water with us. You can review it below. We will have copies available to review and sign the day of your trip.

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