What To Bring

  • Ohio Fishing License

    You MUST have a valid Ohio Fishing License to fish with us. There are options for a 1 day license and up to a 1 year license. Choose one that covers your needs. Click the link below to buy one online.

    Ohio DNR Licensee Portal 
  • Warm Clothes and Gear

    Spring fishing can be very cold! The temperature on the water is much different than land temperature. Nothing ruins a day more than being under-dressed. We suggest a set of warm, water resistant bibs and a heavy jacket. Dress in layers and you are able to adjust to stay comfortable. Don't forget gloves and a hat! Dress for the season. SOFT TOED SHOES ONLY.

  • Food and Drinks

    Trips last 6 hours, unless you request a longer one. Nobody like to fish hungry! Bring some snacks and drinks for your adventure. NO GLASS BOTTLES ALLOWED. Beer in cans is allowed but we don't recommend drinking alcohol when the lake is rough.

  • Sunscreen, Hats and Sunglasses

    Sunscreen, hats and sunglasses are very important when on the water. The reflection of the suns rays on the water makes them stronger. Lotion style sunscreen ONLY. Sunglasses or other eye protection also protect your eyes from lures, etc. Hooks can pull and fly back towards the boat. Wear glasses! A baseball cap style hat helps protect from the sun as well.

  • Cooler and Ice

    We hope to be successful on every trip we run. With that comes the need for a cooler and ice for your catch. You will want to bring a LARGE cooler. Depending how many people are in your group will determine how big of a cooler you need. Bigger the better. You can keep your cooler in your vehicle until we return from the lake.

  • Motion Sickness Medication

    For those who get motion sickness, take Dramamine or a comparable motion sickness medication the night before at bedtime and 1 hour before we depart. Taking it on the boat when you start feeling sick is too late. We cannot be responsible for a passenger getting motion sick.


Do not bring Drugs, Firearms or Glass Bottles. We are a DRUG FREE VESSEL.

Passenger Waiver and Participation Agreement

All participants must sign the passenger participation waiver before spending a day on the water with us. You can review it below. We will have copies available to review and sign the day of your trip.

See Waiver